Guild Message of the Day - January 18th
Grats on sweet dark phoenixes that we can't use.


By: Nashurelee - March 26th

New site

use new site, not this site.

By: Nashurelee - March 23rd

Royal Council

Welcome many raiders from Royal Council joining the guild :-)

On an unrelated note, probably swapping this week to the new forums.

  • Adelor: Start using the new Forums. Access to post has been shutoff for everyone except officers
By: Nashurelee - March 6th

First night, first 3 down

Thanks for the research those that did, you got us through the first 3 fights pretty smoothly. People that didn't please do so because there's an increasing degree of personal responsibility for mechanics as we go through this. We leaped out to an early lead on the server, capturing pretty decent US25 rankings and first on the server including 10 mans, despite them starting earlier and/or going later. Keep up the good work.

Council of Elders

  • Nashurelee: I am so bad when I'm trying to get everyone into the right places and playing at the same time :-/
By: Nashurelee - March 4th

5.2 Live this week

barring technical difficulties, expect the patch tonight. Hmmm, kinda blew off working on the loot stuff thinking I had another week; guess i need to get a lot of work done tonight.

  • Pantheman: Icy Veins has info on the first /nine/ bosses, and there's plenty of videos on youtube for all three roles. No excuse to be unprepared tomorrow night!
By: Nashurelee - March 2nd

Get ready for 5.2

So yeah, look up fights, know what you're doing with valor, etc.

  • Pantheman: I wonder if that kid ever found anyone for Black Temple.
  • Kylistra: You guys crack me up!
By: Nashurelee - February 28th

Heroic Will 25M down

Server First. Good job all. Video uh... some day when I run out of things to do.

  • Nixa: Way to go guys!
  • Kylistra: Outstanding job guys!
  • Morblias: That was pretty painless last night too. We had some great pulls the whole night. Good job heroes!
  • Nashurelee: We we're worried we wouldn't kill it before Doyle had to bail. Then we'd of been forced to hope Anthony's date crashed and burned so he'd be on to help!
By: Nashurelee - February 21st

Heroic 4 Kings

Pro strats for the kill!

By: Nashurelee - January 30th

Heroic Lei Shi Down

Server first, kind of. Good job, nice to see a pretty legit hard mode kill.

Watch the video!

  • Kylistra: Outstanding job guys and gals!
  • Shadwitz: I'm looking forward to the Dylan scream in the video.
  • Nashurelee: Yeah, the fact that we did it after losing a bunch of pulls tuesday to DCs and swapping debuffers, then swapping strategies, then all hanging out afk while the server raged that someone might kill a heroic ToES boss even though Vodka left, makes it all the sweeter. Plus we don't have to listen to Dylan whine about not having a Sha-Touched weapon anymore.
  • Nczn: IT'S A BIG DEAL OKAY? :)
  • Coruscateric: Grats team! :D
  • Pixxous: Awesome job on the Vid!
  • Nczn: Loooooove it!
By: Nashurelee - January 18th

Garalon 25 HM

In a flashback to Starship Troopers, we downed Garalon 25 HM last night. It would have been a great video to swap cameras to watch the kiting and such, but alas everyone else forgot to hit record.

Lee's Movie

  • Nczn: Well Done! Your PoV is much better than you made it sound!
  • Nashurelee: 2 favorite parts: Ryan at the end, obviously. And desperately trying to get rotsac to move and then him missing getting cleaved by like an inch.
By: Nashurelee - January 18th

Windlord 25 HM

Killed that last week. No Screen shot, but here's Marie's Holy Paly PoV video. I'll post my baller disc priest and super tank/healer/dps monk PoV video uh, Soontm. They should add BM monks to the healing parse rankings.

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